Shooting Sunrise & Sunset Around Indonesia

When the sun starts and ends the day, dazzling colors always decorate the horizon, to where photographers sharpen their senses to capture the moment. And moment never comes twice that it challenges outdoor photography enthusiasts.

Photo Bromo Sunrise

The enchanting colors frequently stuns the photographers, making them neglect to manage their creativity. They just shoot one photo without exploring any other possibilities, repeat it again and again for years, and the photo remains the same. In fact, we can actually create a lot of alternatives only in one spot since each moment has its own characteristic.

A proverb says, “Everything is always the same under the same sun.” Every place on Earth has its sunrise and sunset because we are under the same sun. However, photographs of sunset and sunrise are not merely to put the horizon line precisely.

There are so many specific elements in every location that we can make them as a distinguishing marker for sunrise and sunset photos. At Sanur Beach, Bali, we can combine the sunrise with a fishing boat or with coconut trees, or combine all the elements to make it more captivating. Tanah Lot Temple and the rocks along the shore can be foreground and background that never remain the same everytime we hunt for sunset in the area.

We live in the same universe, but there’s always a unique space for us to create distinctive photos. Technique can be trained and learned, but taste and significance embedded in every photograph is like a characteristical finger print of the photographer.

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